All the Benefits of a Security Operations Center without the high costs of a DIY Solution, Secure your Business now with SOC as a service.

Feel Secured

Attackers can remain hidden for a longer period because these organizations lack the technology and skills to detect and respond to threats in a timely fashion. Cyber security and risk are a top concern for midsize organizations; Midsize organizations face a challenge in that they have many of the same security issues as large enterprises but lack the budget and expertise to address them. Traditional MSSP services are good for managing infrastructure, but they fall short when it comes to advanced threat detection and providing greater visibility into the environment. One means of accomplishing this is through our affordable and fully managed SOC-as-as-Service which also ensures your COMPLIANCE and adherence to the standards. We use EMC RSA SoC solution, one of the best SoC solutions in the industry.

Incident Response

We provide a full range of Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) solutions from advice data collection, Bespoke investigations, remediation and evidential statements and expert services. Cyber investigations are complex and will include the examination of data from computers, servers, the cloud, switches, routers and many other network devices. Planetbiz has the experience and ability to isolate a “rogue” digital footprint whilst gathering evidence of the “cyber event”, all of which is essential to help identify the root cause and to be able to identify malicious intruders. A cyber investigation capability is now an essential component of all organization who store customer or other valuable data as part of their business. The risk of your network being compromised or `hacked’ by the presence of malware, or by individuals within or outside of your organization, is growing, and the technical defense mechanisms relied upon over the last twenty years are no longer sufficient. It is now widely accepted that Antivirus (AV) solutions only identify 48% of threats, so it is vital for today’s organizations to be able to respond appropriately when compromises are detected.

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