Business Applications


Any successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid Accounting software functionaries, acSys ERP arrangement is worked around the necessities of Small to Medium Enterprises. It is an extensive Business Management solution that empowers you to easily and effectively deals with the business. Its ground-breaking but then adaptable capacities give full control of procurement, sales, HR, payroll, manufacturing, inventory and invoicing functions, which helps in exact administration and brief investigation of your large, complex financial related information to its precise integrity, AcSys ERP can give you the most benefit you can get like no other. The Business Intelligence and Dashboard capability is built in and customer need not invest in any other solution unlike in other ERP suits.


AcSys ERP modules

Customer specific modules and reports can be added as per the business requirements

  • Here are the Key Benefits you can get
    • Multi Company
    • Multi User
    • Multi-Currency
    • User Rights control at operation level
    • User Level Access and Dual password at different level
    • Automatic database backup
    • Barcode printing and reading
    • Complete Purchase & Sales process
    • Payment Certificate issuing for approval
    • Online Cheque printing
    • Bank & petty Cash management
    • Cheque Clearance module
    • Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account
    • Balance Sheet & BRS
    • Employee pay roll (Attendance, Salary, Advance &Payslip Management)
    • Stock transfer and auto DO/MRV between multi companies
    • Monthly Profit Report by Sales man/Customer.
    • Aging, Stock Adjustment, Audit, Slow & Fast moving report, re-order level report, stock value report, customized search report.
  • Sales
    • Issue Quotation
    • Convert Quotation to Performa
    • Issue DO/Sales invoice direct from Quotation or Performa
    • Issue DO without Quotation or Performa
    • Sales Return
    • Sales Invoice Issue for Customer Sales
    • Receipt Voucher (RV): Sales Payment Posting
  • Purchase
    • Issue Indent and convert to LPO
    • Issue LPO and Convert to MRN (Material Receipt Voucher)
    • Issue direct MRN
    • Track Partial Delivery of LPO & customized report
    • Purchase Return
    • Purchase Invoice Positing
    • Payment Voucher (PV): Purchase Payment by Cash &Cheque
  • Accounts
    • Ledger Management
    • Petty Cash management
    • Configurable multiple Bank Accounts
    • Cheque Management with pop ups settings for PDC
  • Reports
    • Purchase & Sales statements
    • Accounts Receivable and payable
    • Cheque Management
    • Petty Cash Management
    • Inventory
    • Stock statement
    • Electronic Log: Records all User Events for Auditing; Reports available based on Users for limited events
    • Limited run time query builder for all customized selection and print Reports

Smart Tracking System

Smart Tracking System(STS) helps Service Delivery Organizations in accomplishing “Service Level Excellence” with both internal and external customers by meeting or surpassing the established “Service Level Agreements”. It’s influential and easy-to-use web-based collaborative system which is rich in functionalities to track and manage business issues. STS accumulates and tracks ventures, bugs, issue’s and consequently oversee them through to resolutions. STS can utilize for HR management, Workflow Management, Helpdesk Management, Effort Tracking System. STS can bring Business value to the Customer, Business Value to the Help desk and Business Value to the Management.

Smart Tracking System

Core Components

  • Issue Tracking

    The issue tracking module is a complete instrument for overseeing inward help work area issues, following item deformities and bugs, and overseeing customer demands.

     The Issue Tracking module streamlines and mechanizes your issue the boarding procedure giving the best support of your client guaranteeing that your organization stays “ahead”.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Information Insight – Track relevant information that is critical for you to manage till resolution
    • Track Anything– Track client grievances identified with Bugs, Defects, Issues, Change, and Enhancement request. Oversee internal products demands
    • Visibility– Visibility on what is allocated to a specific asset or group of resources and what is on common pool
    • Prioritize– Prioritize based on client, product, severity of the issue
    • Resolution – Collaborate with your client and inside assets to achieve goals proficiently.
    • Control – Manage numerous clients and issues in its own stream and Personalized client landing page dependent on user credentials.
  • Work Flow Management

    STS can be utilized by all colleagues to organize their work and ensure that issues get settled in an opportune and effective way.

    Key functionalities:

    • Design – Configure and automate work flow that best suits your business
    • Measure – Track, validate and measure the adequacy of your support processes
    • Smart Resourcing – Effectively join comparative resource types within the support for efficiency
    • Channelize – Define time based alerts, escalation paths and rule based system and or email cautions both internally and externally the concerned
    • Accountability – Increased accountability due to history and audit trail function
    • KnowledgeBase – Create learning base gathering for both internal and external customers
  • Effort Tracking

    Effort tracking module of STS gives you the adaptability to quantify and oversee inward assets doled out to a specific undertaking or assignment.

    Key functionalities:

    • Define Process – Set right SLOs by means of support process in the system to meet or exceed SLAs
    • Measure – Measure and manage internal resource efforts by Employee, Product, Customer, Project, etc. for any time period
    • Resource Management – Empowers managers with quick decision making to realign the resources
    • Resource Validation – Provides a means of validating your existing resource efforts to the output
    • Planning – Plan help desk resources in line with organizational growth
    • Foresight – Provides great foresight in to what is working and what is not, so as to bring about changes.
  • Business Value to the Customer
    • Easy Access – 24/7 – Report issues through Telephone, Email & WEB Access
    • Visibility – Visibility on issues and resolution status, sets the right expectation
    • Responsibility – Ability to update open issues with supporting details or documents
    • Co-operation – Interactive way of support request notification, allows customer to co-operate with support team in resolving problems and or developing new features using the web interface
    • Time to Resolution – Improved responsiveness – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the self-service web access
  • Business Value to the Help desk
    • Process-Automation – Streamlines and automates your issue management process providing the best service to your customer
    • Collaboration – Enables all team members to collaboratively work and follow-up a predefined work flow process to ensure issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner
    • Workflow Management – Ability to auto assign, prioritize and escalate issues as appropriate based on function, product, priority as defined
    • Smart Resourcing – Effectively combine similar resource types within the support for efficiency
    • Visibility – Obtain status reports of the projects by specific filter criteria such as Engineer, Project Code, Client, Product, Date and Priorities
    • Self-service Model – Reduced cost and improved productivity by allowing your customers to report problems directly via the web and email, and obtain solutions from the knowledge base
  • Business Value to the Management
    • Deep Dive – Allows organizations to define and measure Service Level Objective (SLO) by means of process in achieving the agreed SLAs
    • Visibility – Gives the ability to Track Efforts based on function, product, customer or any metric that is of critical importance to the business
    • Measure – Gives the power to track and measure internal resource efforts and means to meet or exceed SLAs with customers (Customer Satisfaction)
    • Manageability – Efficient way to define and manage the workflow&Manage internal resources assigned to a particular project or task
    • Advanced Reporting – Managers can obtain status reports of the projects by specific filter criteria such as Employee, Project Code, Client, Product, Date and Priorities
    • ROI – Brings efficiency in internal resource allocation and management resulting in high ROI on help desk resources