Planetbiz was founded in the United Arab Emirates with the very aim to become an evolved company in helping its clients to build professional IT infrastructure and Cyber Security Solutions. We cater to all types of organization regardless of their size, small or large. This is a company, that stands by its clients and support them in all their Technical and Business endeavours.

We provide state of the art IT and IT Security solutions and services by a competent and experienced team. Our partner network enables us to provide state of the art solutions and services to all verticals. We aim to be known as one of the best in IT and IT Security Solutions and services company.

Planetbiz has established strong business bonds to offer solutions and services around Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and others. In a short span of time, Planetbiz has become a desired name in the field of IT. In addition to traditional solutions, we understand the need of the hour and offer solutions for Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Big data, Cloud and RPA.

We take pride in helping our customers by providing consultancy to reduce Cost of operations, enhance Cyber security and improve Governance.

Planetbiz offers Complete end to end solutions for all types of organizations.

Cyber Security Solutions Providers in UAE

PThe company has become desired IT service provider of preference with its varied choices of offerings, which includes up to latest technology that consist of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, security, big data and the cloud—all designed by our expert team to help clients enhance practices, by offering a reduce data Centre cost, infrastructure cost, manage risk, governance and enhance profit without investing in highly cost service.

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