Higher cost of operations is a prime concern across all organizations. Outdated and redundant processes are a major cause for higher costs. The only solution to address this is Digital Automation. Robotics is being used extensively for automating business processes with an intent to bring in Efficiency, Accuracy, Flexibility, Resilience and most importantly enhanced customer experience. RPA solutions are a good fit for both small and large organizations. RPA aims to automate High Volume, mundane and repetitive human tasks by the use of Digital workforce.

We, Planetbiz IT Solutions are in a unique position to offer RPA Consulting and Solutions to our clients with our deep expertise. RPA is one of our primary offerings in pursuit of enhanced productivity, accuracy and reduced cost of doing business overall. We have provided consultancy, implemented and supported RPA solutions using Automation Anywhere / UiPath / Blueprism etc. We are also helping organizations build competence on these tools so that RPA can have a large-scale implementation in the organizations and ROI increases with stable costs.

Our experience in RPA span from Insurance processes to the BFSI industry to BPOs. Organizations are under the constant pressure of increasing cost and something needs to be done to drastically improve productivity or alternatively reduce the cost of doing repetitive things. We provide consulting in Automation and drive projects hand-in-hand with clients to facilitate the same.

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Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses at a rapid pace. It encourages organizations to reassess the way they approach their customers, businesses, and markets. In order to help organizations seeking new ways to enter and thrive in the market, Planetbiz IT solutions delivers end-to-end IoT solutions to systematically address such requirements. Businesses can capitalize on our IoT solutions to enhance their operational efficiencies, processes, business models, and achieve higher customer experience. Planetbiz is backed by seasoned professionals with a proven track record of helping businesses thrive in a competitive environment. We adhere to industry norms and best practices, helping businesses chart a forward-looking trajectory.

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