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Continuous and broad checking of IT security is a pivotal piece of a general methodology going for ensuring your association against assaults, information ex filtration and business interruptions. Building up and setting up the privilege hard and programming instruments, profoundly qualified specialists, and procedures that work splendidly in a crisis inside an association requires considerable human and budgetary assets. There is an option, nonetheless: SOC (Security Operations Center) as a Service. Buying in external services is a compelling and proficient option in contrast to running your own SOC.


Planetbiz gives Security Operations Center (SOC) as an administration for your organization and deals with its nonstop activity. It is rapidly going, utilizing attempted and tried standards and based on cutting-edge technology. Individual contact, clear principles and recorded procedures for organized methodology and simple correspondence with your organization. Choose your ideal service hours up to 24/7, including incident response and real-time alerting and remote infrastructure management.


Planetbiz utilizes AlienVault USM as the base of SoC for gathering and examination of logs from different sources of a network (server, customers, network devices, firewalls, applications, and so on.) which is basic so as to get data about security-relevant cases. Out of a huge number of cases Planet Biz successfully and productively recognizes those, which show maltreatment of IT and applications, interior or outer assaults or different dangers. The accumulation, investigation and connection of logs from different sources results in alarms in the event of security defects or potential dangers. Various basic log groups are comprehended out of the case data and occasions from all territories are totaled. Threat is distinguished through the state-of-the-art correlation engine with persistently updated, improved and always customized correlation rules and policies.

Progressed Persistent Threats (APTs) and trojans discover their way into organizations by means of web downloads or email connections as they are not distinguished by mark based frameworks alone. Risk of insider threats whereby access isacquire to explicitly focused on data. Planet Biz utilizes a huge number of frameworks for mark and conduct driven investigations of network traffic and next-generation sandbox technologies for the examination of all approaching email connections and in addition web downloads and investigations all discoveries halfway.

Organizations and association’s need up-to-date risk information data consistently. Planetbiz gathers and examinations risk in the IT infrastructure considering parameters, such as the significance of IT infrastructure parts, establishes the legally required Internal Control System for your IT and supplies documentation for your consistence & regulatory demands. A clear illustration of effects of security-relevant issues on IT services and business processes as well as an IT risk management workflow is included.

HIDS deployed by Planetbiz within the SIEM framework carries out analysis, monitoring and detection of inconsistencies on hosts lead to lively response and immediate alerts. They complete the gathering, examination and connection of logs of a server or customer, alarms in the event of the location of an attack, fraudulent use or error and file integrity checks of the local system. It also transmits out Rootkit Detection which distinguishes concealed activities by attackers, trojans, viruses, etc. when system changes occur.

Next generation sandbox innovations are utilized for the identification of advanced malware in emails and web downloads. Best-in-class discovery of advanced malware explicitly intended to identify and stop progressed and hesitant malware is utilized by Planet Biz and next generation sandbox innovations powered by full-system imitating and with profound comprehension of malware conduct to quantify its effect and is continuously contrasting it to an updated feed for advanced threat detection.


Planetbiz gives the supervision of observing and providing clients with current information on the accessibility and proficiency of the different mechanisms of their IT infrastructure, operating systems, and also application platforms. This empowers an investigation of their status and a suitable response to potential incidents or threats. Monitoring provides a whole picture of operation and execution of systems, services, devices and networks, and in circumstance of occurrences influencing the work, the suitable attentions are generated, which are sent to experienced specialists.

Planetbiz offers monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure segments including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party addons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house applications, services, and systems. Provide a central view of your entire IT operations network and business processes. Powerful dashboards provide at-a-glance access to powerful monitoring information and third-party data. Views provide users with quick access to the information they find most valuable.

Planetbiz provides high performance analysis of the network traffic which is utilized for signature and behavior-based detection of unsafe malware, anomalies and other network traffic risks against more than 19,000 continuously updated (matched with IP reputation data) signatures and rules. An additional behavior-driven analysis for zero-day exploits and other unknown attacks without signatures as well as the detection of protocols even if varying ports are matched. Identification of thousands of file types via MD5 checksums and possible file extraction to let documents stay out or not get out is maintained as the essentiallimit security protocols.

Planetbiz provides periodic internal and external Penetration tests & Vulnerability scans with comprehensive detection, compliance checks and tests deliver results with zero false positives and full vulnerability coverage. Periodic and highly accurate internal and external vulnerability scans for a 360° view authenticated or non-authenticated vulnerability scans, open ports and potential unsecure or unnecessary services on these ports are detected. Compliance and password-checks spot configuration problems with regard to applications as well as password and user-policies, detection of standard and missing passwords vulnerabilities are categorized in high, medium or low risk as well as the possibility of exploitation.

Planetbiz makes the IT infrastructure ready for a cyber security audit post the mitigation advised post a periodic VAPT scan carried out by the NOC as we know the threat from cyberattacks is significant and continuously evolving. Many organizations have set an expectation for internal audit to understand and assess the organization’s capabilities in managing the associated risks. Experience shows that an effective firststep for internal audit is to conduct a cyber risk assessment and distill the results into a concise summary for the organization which will then drive a risk-based, multiyear cybersecurity internal audit plan.

Planetbiz endlessly monitors existing DLP systems within the IT infrastructure or deployed systems as part of the service. This system applies most highly to preventing movement of delicate data outside an organization’s secure perimeter. Data loss prevention (DLP), also known as data leak or simply leak protection designed to detect potential data breaches, or attempts to move data outside an organization’s secure storage and systems, and beyond its control. The prevention aspect comes into play as such systems monitor, detect, and then block access to or transmission of sensitive or proprietary data and information.

In general, data loss prevention systems provide three distinct types of protection:-

In-use protection applies when sensitive data is in use by applications or for service delivery, and generally depends on various types of user authentication to establish identity for those requesting access to the data, along with access control systems that permit or deny such requests depending on user identity, job role, and security policy governing such data. In addition, such data is likely to remain encrypted at all times, so that attempts to access paging files, memory snapshots, or temporary working files will yield no plaintext data of any kind.

In-motion protection applies when sensitive data is in transit on a network of any kind, and generally depends on sufficiently strong encryption tools and technologies to mitigate the risk of eavesdropping, and to significantly lower the probability of a successful decryption attack. The more valuable (or regulated) the data, the stronger such encryption is likely to be.

At-rest protection applies to data as it resides on some kind of persistent storage medium. This usually involves access controls to limit access to programs and users with a legitimate need to know, access monitoring to track and log all access to such information, and strong encryption to protect against theft or attack against the physical media where such data is stored.

The overall idea behind DLP is to watch for unauthorized attempts to access sensitive data and information, and to take all possible measure to block or prevent its egress at the organization’s perimeter. If DLP data is continuously monitored over a period of time as the system matures Data Leakage can be preempted.

One of the biggest drawbacks businesses have to face today is to monitor in real time the security systems that they have implemented to name a few:-

· Fleet Tracking System
· Attendance System

Planetbiz SoC as a Service provides its customers a 24X7X365 watchdog service to be able to monitor these implemented systems in the customer’s environment so that they are actually used as an indicator or an early warning system to avoid a security occurrence.

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