Why Software Testing is Important for Banking Applications?

September 21, 2021 8:19 am

With the insurgence of Digital services, Quality, Security of Transactions, and Time to Market your products have become the number 1 challenge for Banks across the Globe.  Banking apps are regarded as one of the most complexes to Design and Test in the Software Industry.  Banks cannot afford any financial flaws or inaccuracies in their banking applications and this is where software testing and quality assurance become necessary for an organization. Financial applications due to their very nature need to be handled with subject-matter experts and require special criteria for testing.

Being the leading Software Testing Program Provider in the UAE and GCC Region, we at Planetbiz offer quality testing services for all reputed banking applications. Planetbiz, in collaboration with an ISO certified AQM Testing Lab, can provide testing services to Middle East banking and financial institutions.

Let’s have a brief about why testing is really needed for banking applications.

Frequent Updates

As a consequence of changing customer demographics and end-user experience, all banks are forced to keep making changes to their existing products and services for which they need to align their IT systems by making regular changes.  It is therefore imperative that professional testers are engaged to ensure the highest level of testing to ensure a bug-free system which in turn will help the banks to prevent financial losses and be able to maintain excellent customer service.

Updates in banking regulations need testers periodically embedding these policy changes into these applications. Testers are finding it more difficult to produce high-quality software for banks and other financial institutions as customer demands rise. Not only does consumer data become vulnerable to risks, but there is also a chance for cybercrime, which could result in significant financial losses for users. As a result, software applications can guarantee that all transactions are performed in a timely and error-free manner.

Security & Privacy

The top priority of banks across the globe is to protect customer’s sensitive data and ensure secure transactions. Given the prevalence of cyber attacks, the onus of providing a safe and secure digital banking experience to its customers is entirely on the banks.  Therefore, testing a banking application is not just confined to functional testing, it also requires comprehensive security testing.

Enhanced User Experience

The ultimate goal of any organization is to ensure an excellent End-user experience.   Effective usability and end-to-end performance testing, are essential to creating a rich user experience.

Digital Confluent

With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and IoT-based gadgets, digitalization has welcomed a shift in the banking services domain. Digital payments have facilitated the transition to paperless currency, necessitating extensive end-to-end testing by expert testers.

Banking applications are crucial since they are tied directly to clients and handle monetary transactions. As a result, testers employ dependable software testing tools and integrated systems to ensure that there are no performance concerns.

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